DELL DOCK STATION XN030 (Dell Latitude D/PORT Docking Station PR01X 2U444 )

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Dell Latitude D610 Docking Station saves you from the need to unplug and replug peripherals each time you take away your laptop or return to your desk. Port replicator is a stationary device located on your desk. You can connect it to a mouse, keyboard, monitor, printer and other devices. After that you won¿t have to connect or disconnect these devices. Just connect the laptop to the port replicator and you're ready to go.
Port replicator significantly improves your mobility since you receive instant access to 15 different extension ports:

  • AC Adapter Connector
  • RJ11 modem connector
  • RJ45 network connector
  • Svideo connector
  • Digitalvideo interface connector
  • video connector
  • serial connector
  • PS/2 connectors x 2
  • S/P DIF connector
  • USB 2.0 connectors
  • Parallel connector

    • Compatible Laptops: Dell Latitude series: D610 ATG D400 D410 D42 D430 D500 D505 D510 D520D531N D600 D620 D630 D630N D631 D631N D810 D820 D830 D830N
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